‘I want to write a poem’
never works for me.
I have to wait.
I have to go to the places
where inspiration lies.
Sometimes I glimpse it
quietly sleeping
in a grey sky full of rain,
or shouting for attention
through the flowers and birds.
Sometimes I glimpse it
within myself
and I have to be quiet enough to hear it.
A blog post from a writer I admire
sparks a train of thought,
or I glimpse an old quote in
a book, inspiration travelling
across time and space.
Or I walk.
Usually I just walk,
and the world nudges me
into attention.

17 thoughts on “Inspiration

  1. In WordPress Reader, they show only 3 lines …
    ‘I want to write a poem’
    never works for me.
    I have to wait.
    I thought, “That’s a cool poem in three simple lines. Wonder what else this person is writing?”
    Surprise! More lines. It still would have been a nice poem if only those lines! But it is beautiful and deftly said all the way through. Thanks for the pleasure.

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Took me a while to figure out because your last name isn’t on this site (that I can find), but you’re Sarah Wiseman of silk painting fame, right? As in … if you didn’t want that published here just delete this comment. But whoever you are, the art on that site has my attention as representing the effects of nature immersion.


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