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Step by step,

turning dreams

into reality.

I can’t recommend Sarah’s coaching highly enough. I had a really wide range of ideas and options that I wanted to explore and through Sarah’s help I have made significant progress on all the areas I wanted to investigate. Sarah is a fantastic listener who can really help you get to some of the key things you need to address through asking insightful questions and providing a wide range of relevant tools and information. Through Sarah’s help I have been able to get some clarity on the options I have and set out actions that will really help me develop my ideas. I will take the tools and lessons from Sarah’s coaching and continue to use and build on them. Sarah provides a warm and relaxed atmosphere where anything can be discussed and explored and I really appreciated the openness and honesty of her approach. I can’t thank Sarah enough for her help, I really loved our sessions.

Sarah Taylor, UK

Thanks to Sarah’s coaching, I was able to become more confident and positive. I’m an expat from Japan, working at an international research center in the US. Before meeting with her, I was in trouble with my communication skills and time management at work. She gave me a lot of thought-provoking questions and space to talk. My favorite part with her was to talk about my highly challenging dreams freely. That made me feel elated. It has encouraged me to move forward. Also I recognized that I can design my life by myself! She sincerely respected my achievements even if it’s a baby step. That motivated me so much. As a result, now I can communicate with local assistants and researchers more effectively and productively.  

Hiroshi Ito, Administration Manager, USA

I have always struggled to make time for my creative work as I get caught up doing too many other things. During coaching I found Sarah very supportive and encouraging; she helped me realize what is important to me so that I can focus on building a regular creative practice. 

Alison, Landscape Artist and Environmentalist, UK

After 20 years in the same job I was considering a career change but was uncertain as it would mean a considerable lifestyle change. The aim of my coaching sessions with Sarah was to decide whether I really wanted to embark on this new avenue. I found the sessions incredibly helpful in clarifying my feelings towards my old and my potential new career. Sarah’s strength was in listening, making me think, being completely non-judgmental and suggesting some actions I could take to help me move my decision-making process forward. I felt very comfortable talking to her and confiding in her. I did end up going for my career change and am loving it!

Corrie, Student Nurse, UK

Working with Sarah enabled me to gain clarity on the direction I wanted to take my business, as well as creating an action plan to get from where I was to where I wanted to be.  Sarah’s insightful questions allowed me to really think through the many aspects of starting a new endeavor, and to question my perceived challenges.  She is patient, present, and created a truly supportive space during our sessions together.  Thank you Sarah!

Heather Howland, Purposeful Living Coach, USA

In today’s world being a Leader in a school system requires tons of energy. Having Sarah as a coach  allowed me to reframe the issues I was dealing with and reflect on my thoughts, feelings and beliefs. With Sarah’s coaching, I built up my support system and structures which helped me better to serve in our urban school system.   

Dr. Tolga Hayali, Superintendent, SANY Charter Schools, USA

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