Everyday contentment

A hailstorm engulfed the woods.

I walked, partially sheltered by

the bare branches,

cocooned, warm in my coat as

the hailstones drummed on my head.

It passed over, the last balls of ice

bounced off my hair as

I put my hood down.

I emerged into sunshine,

a cool fresh breeze,

and contentment.

You can always find contentment if you walk far enough!

5 thoughts on “Everyday contentment

  1. I love walking in the forest under “inclement” conditions, including night. Folks miss half the reality of earth by avoiding them.

    “You can always find contentment if you walk far enough!”

    There’s a great statement I’ll sort of enshrine as “scriptural.”

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    1. I love being out at night too, though I don’t do it very often. I have to remind myself to get off the sofa and get under the stars!


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