Hello, I’m Sarah. Welcome to my blog.

Here I write about all the things that inspire me, which is mainly nature and life in the fresh air.

Nature is a passion and a profession for me.  I have always loved wildlife and being outdoors, I studied biology at university and have worked for 25 years in the nature conservation sector. I’ve been a forest ranger, managed environmental education staff and projects, advised businesses about reducing their carbon footprint and I’m currently working part time on a project to create a long distance footpath.

I also like to paint, write and practice tai chi. You can see some of my art on the blog and also on my art website. Over the years I’ve been seeking balance in terms of my work, my creative projects and the rest of my life.

I am a Certified Professional Coach and I have been coaching clients since 2018 in the areas of finding direction, career, work life balance and creativity. You can find out more about coaching here.

I live in the north west of England, on the edge of the beautiful Lake District National Park. It’s easy to be inspired when this is the view from the end of my street!