Hello, I’m Sarah. Welcome to my blog.

As you can probably tell by my writing and by the title of this blog, I love nature and being outdoors. Nature is a passion and a profession for me. I studied environmental biology at university and have worked for 25 years in the nature conservation and countryside management sector. I currently work on a project to create a long distance footpath.

I have had some interesting jobs and visited lots of beautiful places for work. I have also spent far too much time commuting and working in open plan offices, which I’m not keen on!

I love being creative. I write, paint and play music. You can see some of my art in this blog and also on my website.

For years I wondered how to create a life that combines creativity, spending time outdoors and doing something worthwhile. It’s a work in progress.

I am in the middle of doing a coach training course, and I am working with some inspiring, creative clients.

I hope you enjoy my poems, photos, painting and writing, inspired by nature, landscape, gardening, coaching and tai chi.

I live in the north west of England, on the edge of the beautiful Lake District National Park. It’s easy to be inspired when this is the view from the end of my street!