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“Tell me, what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?”

Mary Oliver

Career, work life balance & creativity coaching

Do you feel stuck in your career?  Not sure what you want to do next?  You feel that there must be something else out there, but you are not sure what.  You wish you could take all of your interests, skills and talents, even the ones you don’t currently use at work, and use them to make a difference.

Or do you have the opposite problem?  There are so many things you would like to do, the choice is paralysing!  Maybe you want time to do something creative: finally write that novel, sell your art, become a woodturner.  Or you want to be your own boss, or you have some other dream that whispers for your attention. 

Perhaps you’ve had enough of working hard, you’d like to do less, work less, consume less, enjoy life more.  Spend more time with your family, in the garden, on your bike, doing voluntary work, in the woods, running up hills, travelling the world…

It is possible to get unstuck, to find your direction again, to choose between all of the swirling options.  To reconnect with your passions, change direction, get a new career, rediscover your love for what you do now, downshift, live on a smallholding, write that novel, be your own boss…whatever you want to do.

It is possible to take all of your dreams and interests and craft them into a lifestyle that suits you.

It can be difficult to work it all out on your own, to have the courage to make changes, which is where I can help.

What my clients say

I can’t recommend Sarah’s coaching highly enough. I had a really wide range of ideas and options that I wanted to explore and through Sarah’s help I have made significant progress on all the areas I wanted to investigate. Sarah provides a warm and relaxed atmosphere where anything can be discussed and explored and I really appreciated the openness and honesty of her approach.

Sarah Taylor

After 20 years in the same job I was considering a career change but was uncertain as it would mean a considerable lifestyle change. I found the sessions incredibly helpful in clarifying my feelings towards my old and my potential new career. I did end up going for my career change and am loving it!

Corrie, Student Nurse

I have always struggled to make time for my creative work as I get caught up doing too many other things. During coaching I found Sarah very supportive and encouraging; she helped me realize what is important to me so that I can focus on building a regular creative practice. 

Alison, Landscape Artist & Environmentalist

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