Castle ruins

The cry of a gull connects

the centuries.

Five metres and four hundred years

above my head

a fire blazes in the grate

warming the cold stone

of a floor that no longer exists.

2 thoughts on “Castle ruins

  1. I am perplexed. I can see a photograph in the email I received and yet I don’t see it in the post itself. Bizarre.
    I find this photograph breath taking. The opening in the rocks, looking out at the ocean. I just saw an exhibit of Rene Magritte’s work. Your photogaph reminds me of his work. Looking out, through, from one space to another.
    I like how (for me) the poem captures the sense of time and matter passing by and, like the hole in the wall leaves me wondering if there ever was a wall there, was there ever a floor?
    Your post inspires me. Thank you

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