Poems to download

I’ve been feeling a little frazzled today; working, preparing for house guests who arrive tomorrow and getting ready to go on a tai chi workshop next Wednesday in the US. All good things, just they have given me a rather long to-do list!

So, I spent some time reading old blog posts instead, turning to some relaxing poems to calm me down.

And then I decided to quickly turn them into a little ebook, for you to download.

Poems to bring a little calm and relaxation to your day.

And now I’m off to do some tai chi in the garden.



4 thoughts on “Poems to download

  1. Oh, thank you, Sarah! Had to giggle, too. Too much to do and then, oh, hey, think I’ll make a collection of poems! 😉

    I am delighted to have them. I hope your trip here for the workshop is wonderful, too!

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    1. Ha ha! I know! Faced with a choice between hoovering, tidying etc ready for visitors vs tinkering with my blog…the blog wins every time 😀. Actually it didn’t take long as I’d already laid out the file and just had to copy some poems into it.


    2. I think some people struggle to do creative work because they feel they should do all the housework first. I’m the other way round. ‘The washing up can wait’ is my mantra 😁


      1. I am with you on that, Sarah. Though “allowing” things to wait has mushroomed on me (??) in recent years. (I found myself having to dig out of a crazed mess from getting so behind! The windows are still not clean. 😉


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