Dawn chorus

Dawn chorus, courtesy of the birds outside my bedroom window at 5am.

9 thoughts on “Dawn chorus

  1. Isn’t it wonderful to wake up to dry sunny days and listen to the early morning dawn chorus. Your Song Thrush must have been in a tree almost right outside your window. A lovely recording.

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      1. I think I could hear another along with a Blackbird in the background. Wood Pigeon and a Herring Gull!

        We have Song Thush and Blackbird too but the Mistle Thrush in the Churchyard Yews outperform them every time!


      2. I’ll listen out for the Pheasant. We have a pair that visit the garden – they drive the dogs mad! I think I heard our first Chiffchaff a couple of days ago but only briefly, and a couple of Wren who sing very loudly.


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