Garden meditation

No need to remember a technique,

fire up an app

or take a class.

Just go into the garden

and do what needs to be done.

A bit of weeding,

tidying the greenhouse,

watering tomatoes and cucumbers,

(there is always something

that needs attention).

Simply do the work,

at its own pace.

When the time is right,

find a spot to rest,

perhaps with a cup of tea.

Thoughts come,

(summer fresh butterflies dance between flowers)

thoughts go,

(there are a lot of dewy cobwebs around)

thoughts come,

(the asters are starting to flower)

thoughts go,

(I can still hear the swallows).

12 thoughts on “Garden meditation

      1. Thanks Sarah! We have indeed – just come back from a few days away in our motorhome in deepest Shropshire. Must be one of the few places left in England where there is no mobile phone signal or internet! Heaven …

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    1. Thanks Andrea, it’s amazing how relaxing a day in the garden can be, especially when the sun is shining! Hope you are doing ok as we head towards the darker evenings.

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